Please view our video where you will learn from our Executive Management Team, why our “Game Changing” technology will earn you more money for your flared gas.

B&A Global Energy, through its synergistic technologies can provide the solution to the flaring gas problem.  First, it provides a unique and cutting edge system for the capture and transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) energy currently being wasted as flaring gas!  Second, it provides a solution for the many “shut-in” wells that are not currently economically viable due to unavailable transportation and/or insufficient pipeline infrastructure.

Oil is easy to transport but gas traditionally requires a pipeline to a stationary gas processing facility.  Now, instead of the energy needing to find its way to a refining plant, the plant can find its way to the energy source and can convert all of it to LNG.  No matter how remote a location, so long as the uniquely developed cryogenic tanker trucks can access the oil site, our mobile processing plant will be able to render flaring gas obsolete!

B&A Global Energy provides the ECOS™ processing technology that is 1/30 the size of a traditional, stationary gas processing plant by specifically designing it to fit neatly into standard shipping containers for easy transport to well sites.  Yes, a fully operational LNG Processing Plant…made mobile.  Upon arrival to the site, it only takes 2-3 weeks to install.  Once operating, the ECOS™ system will then produce 10,000+ gallons of LNG per day, no matter the weather conditions.

Our ECOS™ system has been in full operation on the Mongolia tundra (withstanding the most extreme weather conditions non-stop), for the last 2.5 years without fail. We will confidently collect your flaring waste and convert it to energy, and pay top market value for your gas.  Not to mention the added pipeline infrastructure cost savings you’ll enjoy as well.  An unexpected financial gain in today’s current market conditions.