Market Need: Flaring gas is one of the largest problems impacting the oil and gas industry today. This problem not only pollutes the environment but also costs billions of dollars in wasted resources. Regulation of flaring gas both in the United States and around the world, represents a tremendous challenge for energy producers. Unstable Oil & Gas prices and the unpredictable rise and fall in production volumes, make fixed infrastructure solutions untenable. B&A Global Energy offers a solution unique in the industry allowing producers to:

  • Capture and contain their flaring gas, allowing producers to comply with existing and proposed State & Federal regulations.
  • Sell captured gas at market prices.
  • Perform this operation at the wellhead, anywhere fossil fuels are extracted.

Product/Services: We specialize in liquefaction of all the chemical elements bound inside raw natural well gas (at any remote well site location), by a process of Separation, Compression, and in the case of Methane and Ethane, Refrigeration. Each individual component in natural gas requires its own special processing method. Methane & Ethane require a much higher level of compression and also must be refrigerated to a temperature below minus 261 degrees (Fahrenheit). We capture, process, and deliver Methane (LNG) in specialized cryogenic tanker trucks from the well to the market. The other natural gas liquid condensates (NGL’s) are transported in standard tanker trucks. Our focus is to engage companies with major flaring gas volumes, whose current practices cannot economically stop the pollution and save the billions in lost resources.


Industry Sector: Natural Gas
Employees: 17
Founded: 2012

Stock Offering:
Phase 1 PPM: $1M
Type: 506 C Reg D
Shares Offered: 400,000
Price per share: $2.50
Minimum investment: $10,000
Phase 2 PPM: $10M
Type: 506 C Reg D
Shares Offered: 2.5M
Price per share: $4.00
Minimum investment: $20,000

Lynda Dust, VP Admin.


Competitive Advantage: We are able to save and liquefy Methane, (LNG), at any well-site, wherever it is located. We have the exclusive license to implement this “Game Changing” technology in the United States. This greatly reduces the need for the installation of new gathering pipeline infrastructure to reach the well sites of stranded natural gas.

Competitors: Aside from large Stationary LNG Processing Plants, and a few companies who are in the prototype build up phase, we have no competitor with equipment capable of processing 1,200 MCF by the means of a single “Portable Unit”. Several groups have installed low level compressors at the well sites, and are producing NGL condensates, however, they do not have equipment to compress and refrigerate to the levels that B&A’s “ENERGY CAPTURING & OPERATING SYSTEM” (ECOS) can. Additionally, we can quickly move ECOS units from site to site, whenever needed to meet the demand of “Flaring Gas”. ECOS equipment can be relocated in two to three weeks.

Business Structure: Delaware, C Corp., established in October, 2012. B&A Global Energy is a privately owned company, with headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Current Proof of Concept:

Inner Mongolia, China
Harsh climate, (proven over three years)

Target Full Launch Market:

Eagle Ford Shale Play, Texas (4Q 2015)
Bakken Shale Play, North Dakota, (4Q 2015)

Sales/Marketing Strategy: We plan to create awareness of our solution through the Internet, the media, personal meetings with Oil & Gas Operators, Industry Service Providers, and State, local, and Federal Government Officials. Our SVP of Technology, Michael Wu, recently spoke at the Shanghai LNG Conference in China. Please see our web-site (news and events) at:

Other B&A Global Energy Revenue Streams

LNG Engine Conversion Kits: B&A Global Energy has obtained exclusive rights to simple, cost-effective, engine conversion kits that allow conventional diesel trucks to run on LNG. This technology has been proven overseas with over 100,000 vehicles converted and operating at reduced cost and with fewer emissions. These kits, which we plan to begin marketing during the 4th quarter of 2015, will permit trucking and vehicle fleets to use both conventional fuels and natural gas energy. B&A also plans to set up refueling stations that can dispense the LNG, CNG, and LPG, produced from our (ECOS) Units. These stations are profitable, green, and eligible for tax credits.

Natural Gas Liquid Sales: B&A Global Energy has obtained purchase orders for natural gas condensates (NGL’s) from our overseas customers. B&A is now contracting with producers in the United States and are making preparations to begin shipping NGL during the 4th quarter of 2015. Overseas countries have been using natural gas as an energy source for many years and have a great need for the product we can supply. Overseas natural gas liquid sales profits, will greatly assist us in the growth of our company.